Introduction to Dishawaves

Dishawaves Infonet offers IT consultancy services that contribute to the organization's success story. We help strategically prioritize and deliver initiatives which fit the contemporary business practices that would make operations more swift, safe and competent while bringing down costs. From design and implementation services to information security and assurance services, we have it all. We have been able to make a mark in the IT Services domain with our quality service delivery and customer first approach. At Dishawaves, we strive constantly to deliver greater tangible business benefits to our clients. We understand the needs of growing businesses that requires networking, reliable communication, speed, accuracy, security and optimum use of technology at most competitive cost. DISHAWAVES INFONET was established with the idea of providing solutions to these growing needs of reliable communication network. Today it holds a pioneering position in this field.

At Dishawaves, we strive constantly to deliver greater tangible business benefits to our clients.

Why Dishawaves Infonet

DISHAWAVES INFONET has several strengths that make it an ideal technology partner to large and enterprise customers with complex IT environments. Here's a few compelling reasons to partner with DISHAWAVES INFONET for your IT requirements

DISHAWAVES INFONET is Gujarat's largest ISP in terms of geography and professionally skilled manpower

We guarantee the quality of Products & Services by using the Latest International state-of-the-art products.

Bandwidth on Demand service is available.

DISHAWAVES INFONET adopts best practices in the industry across all its support functions and has a focused approach towards building individual excellence and promoting customer satisfaction.

We are supported by multi - homing to multiple backbones to assure fast, reliable and best quality services.

One of our greatest strength is our ability to understand customer's unique requirements & efficient solutions and services.

DISHAWAVES INFONET's complete network infrastructure is built on its own APNIC provided IP addresses and therefore is independent to any changes made to upstream providers.

Our Services and Solution

DISHAWAVES INFONET provides comprehensive IT Infrastructure solutions and services from a 'Single Window' in the areas of Computing, Networking, Virtualization, Power Conditioning, Storage, Software, IT Infrastructure services and Information security. DISHAWAVES INFONET will prove to be one solution to all your IT needs. DISHAWAVES INFONET has devised its expert designs for the following requirements:

Internet and IP Solutions

  • Internet Access
  • Data Transport
  • MPLS Solutions
  • Website Builder & Hosted Mail

Green Computing & Virtualization:

  • Enterprise & Datacentre Environments
  • Server Consolidation
  • Energy Efficient Datacentre Design
  • Citrix and Terminal Services

Network Monitoring & Remote Management

  • 24x7 Network Monitoring
  • Pro Active Alerting
  • Incident Management
  • Remote Management

Network Services:

  • Enterprise & Datacentre Environments
  • Server Consolidation
  • Energy Efficient Datacentre Design
  • Citrix and Terminal Services

Data Center Services:

  • Managed Hosting Services
  • Data Protection Services
  • Managed Security Services
  • Remote data centre management services
  • UPS/Generator Power Redundancy
  • Data center /Server Room Cooling
  • Cabling

Wi-Fi & Wireless Technology:

  • Security Services - Firewall, VPN, Anti-Virus, RSA
  • Unified Communications - VoIP Systems, IP Video Conferencing
  • Project Management and Advanced IT Services

Our Customer Services

At DISHAWAVES INFONET, we follow the best business practices that enable companies to operate more efficiently, have better ROI and help them focus on their core business. We think beyond the basic 'cost arbitrage' benefit for our clients. Our technologists and analysts find solution to the most complex of business logic and help maintain competitive advantage for our clients by transforming concept to reality. We are powered by a pool of talented professionals excelling in enterprise solutions, client relationship management, business intelligence, business process quality, operations management, engineering solutions, product lifecycle management, And infrastructure services, among other key capabilities. DISHAWAVES INFONET will address the following areas to strengthen your business:


The ability to meet the end-user and application response times required for high productivity.


Allows you to expand or contract the network, with limited disruption and expense, in response to significant shifts in your business environment.


Features to protect the integrity of your information as it traverses your network, against a variety of perils and threats, while maintaining privacy.


Capable of responding to peak-period requests, as well as providing high-quality, reliable service, 24x7 by experienced professionals.


Using open architecture standards to allow for selection and use of the best products in the market.

Adherence to industry standards

Enabling easier integration of diverse components and systems into a high-performance network

Additional Benifits

With Dishawaves as your trusted IT partner, following are the benefits that you'll enjoy at all time:

Improved network performance

Cost Optimization

Implementing new technologies

Simplified network operations and management

Providing a benchmark for future comparisons

A fully scalable solution with minimal investment

Guaranteed performance with prioritized traffic

Supports multiple protocols and interfaces

Control your network more easily and effectively

Comprehensive end-to-end managed solution

Solution Offered By Dishawaves Infonet

Dishawaves will provide Internet on RF & output will be Ethernet RJ45. Additionally, we required one managed device like (Router, Firewall, and Managed Switches) for routing. Also we will connect the branches on fiber to have Gigabit LAN connectivity.

We are waiting for next move.

House No: 302, Matrix, Near Divyabhaskar, Corporate Road, Prahlad Nagar, Ahmedabad-380051

99 0425 6666

Please feel free to contact, if you have any query.

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